Международный конкурс по актуальным проблемам международного права

Российский государственный университет правосудия


Who We Are

The Company GARANT was formed in 1990. Originally specializing in providing legal information, Garant was a pioneer in this sector of the software market. In his day Ford gave the world an automobile for the masses. The company GARANT made available Russian law to all Russians.

What We Do

Our company is a leader in the Russian IT market. For more than 25 years we have supplied information on the Russian legislation both in English and Russian.The Russian Legislation in English database is the only way to get access to the Russian legislation translated into English with weekly updates.

Why Choose Us

A significant number of foreign companies in Russia enjoy using the GARANT databases, including the English language version. Among our customers are international organizations and NGOs, foreign banks and embassies, large audit, consulting and manufacturing companies, and so forth.